Success Stories

What People Say

Kevin Clauson.png
I kept the facial hair I wanted and I don’t have to shave in the morning. The treatment was super accurate in terms of how accurate they could keep the line. It’s nice to not have the red bumps or nicks or small pieces of toilet paper...
— Kevin Clauson | LASER HAIR REMOVAL
People say where did your tattoo go? There’s no scars, it looks great, laser tattoo removal totally worked for me... if you’re thinking about getting a tattoo removed I definitely recommend Neoderma.
— Bryan Taylor | TATTOO REMOVAL
Bryan Taylor.png
Connie received Botox for wrinkles, Photofacial and Customized Skin Care to reduce sun damage/spots, and Viora to tighten her sagging jaw line. “I saw results within the first few weeks. I am very pleased with the results.”
I’ve had four PicoWay Resolve treatments... relatively pain-free, quick and easy. The results I saw were my pores sized shrinked, brown spots faded, and a more youthful look.
— Kathleen Enge | PICO RESOLVE
Kathleen Enge.jpg
I missed a lot of opportunities by having this tattoo on my throat. Since I’ve had it removed I’ve gone back to college and my life changed. Thanks!